Rithika`s side about Vamsi

Whenever anyone brings a topic about my future i.e marriage, I used to feel only one thing "A real man
doesn't love the most beautiful girl in the world, he
loves the girl who can make his world most beautiful" .....

' Vamsi ' is the other word for the sentence , who made
my world beautiful ...... Tears are worth only for people
near to your heart and they don't make you cry , but he
always LIKES to see my 'TEARS' not when I cry, but when
he shows his little love which means a lot to me...

I don't know where I stand with him & what I mean to
him but all I know is that every time I think of him he
is always trying to keep me happy forever. I don't have
words to describe him but I can just say in simple
words that, he is the man that every girl dreams about ....

Every small thing written means a lot to me ... I felt that ......

Vamsi`s side about Rithika

I still could not stop smiling whenever I think of our first meeting and her first question she asked me if I expect
my dream girl to have a fair complexion. She was slightly anxious and a bit apprehensive at the same time I could
see her innocent face trying to looking into my eyes,
and that was the first time I fell in love with her, then
our story started.

One thing she is really good at is she has this amazing pleasant smile that can win anyone's heart. She seems
to be too innocent at times, but on the contrary she is a
strong hearted cute girl as well. Henceforth I often need
to remind myself that Rithika would be using those two powerful tools namely her smile and looks to influence
her ideas on me :-)

Let me not exaggerate things but have to admit this hands-down that I love the way she is. She is Cute, Humble, Open minded, Loves nature and animals. I personally know that she has great value for families and friends. And the best thing I love in her is that she loves and cares for me a lot and gives her best to understand me.

To me she means a lot, in other words she is my
dream come true.